​General Assembly

d. 29. april 2023

Oasen Nordby
Søndre Møllevej 5, 8305 Samsø

​It will be possible to rent rooms on site.
​See more here.
​Remember to state when ordering that you come from MCD.

​Ferry from Jutland
Samsø Rederi
​Ferry from Zealand


10.30-12.00 Brunch
12.00-14.00 ​​General Assembly
14.00 ​Shared drive.

​Agenda for the general meeting

​1. Election of a conductor
2. Election of referee + 2 vote counters
3. The chairman's report
4. Annual report from the local clubs
5. Accounting
6. Proposals received: These must be sent in writing to the board within 8 days
before the general meeting
7. Elections according to § 8, the following are up for election:
Board of Directors:
Per V. Rasmussen (does not want re-election)
Claus Veng
Michael Hansen
Lars Mathiasen (does not want re-election)
Christian Kallehave-Rolland
Billag's inspectors:
Mogens Nissen
Liselotte Hansen
Billag's deputy controller:
Peter S. Mikkelsen
8. Next year's programme
9. Optionally
​We hope for a good turnout, so stop by and support the club's future work!
Of course we like to see a lot of Minis.

With best regards
Board of Directors